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The Editorial covers GS paper 2 [Important International institutions, agencies and fora, their structure, mandate.]

12th BRICS summit: More bricks put in place for long-term cooperation - CGTN


  • Asserting that terrorism is the "biggest problem" facing the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said there was a need to ensure that countries supporting and assisting terrorists are held guilty, in an oblique reference to Pakistan. 

  • Addressing the summit of the five-nation grouping BRICS via video-conferencing, the prime minister also said there was a need to tackle the problem of terrorism in an organized manner. 

What is the Background?

  • The 12th BRICS summit, hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin, was also attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and South African president Cyril Ramaphosa. 

  • Talking about the COVID-19 crisis, PM Modi said India's vaccine production and delivery capabilities will work in the interest of humanity. 

  • Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin endorsed PM Modi’s emphasis on terrorism, saying some countries were like the “black sheep of the family”. 

  • The Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (Brics) grouping adopted a new counter-terrorism strategy. 

What are the highlights of the summit?

  • The summit took place in the virtual meet because of corona pandemic.

  • India raised issues of Covid-19 Pandemic, economic recovery and the contribution & ability of India in the Pharmaceutical sector.

  • Without naming Pakistan, India criticises the nation to support terrorism.

  • India used the platform to stress the need for UN reforms and in particular the reforms of UNSC. 

  • BRICS nations came up with two documents- BRICS declaration and Counter Terrorism Strategy.

What is BRICS's stand on terrorism?

  • Asserting that terrorism is the ‘biggest problem’ facing the world, Indian Prime Minister said there was a need to ensure that countries supporting and assisting terrorists are held guilty, in an oblique reference to Pakistan.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin endorsed PM Modi’s emphasis on terrorism, saying some countries were like the ‘black sheep of the family’.

  • Apart from India, Russia and China are also victims of terrorism. Chechen separatists had been responsible for several terrorist attacks in Russia.

  • Many more acts of terrorism had been committed in major Russian cities, as well as the regions of Chechnya and Dagestan.

  • China has terrorism problems in the Xinjiang and the Uighurs.

  • The BRICS countries have elaborated Counter-Terrorism Strategy with the aim of strengthening the security of the BRICS countries.

  • The objective of counter-terrorism cooperation is to complement and strengthen the existing bilateral and multilateral ties among the BRICS countries, and to make a meaningful contribution to the global efforts of preventing and combating the threat of terrorism.

  • The BRICS countries reaffirm that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security, and that any act of terrorism, committed by whomever, wherever and for whatever motives and purposes, is a crime and has no justification. 

What is vaccine cooperation?

  • India addressed the issue of cooperation among the BRICS countries on the production of vaccine for COVID-19. 

  • India is in talks with Russia for the field trial of Sputnik V that is expected to begin in Uttar Pradesh from next week. 

  • India has led regional collaboration in South Asia for ensuring vaccine access to countries such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping, in his speech, also called for collaboration between Beijing and New Delhi.

  • India urged for cooperation among the BRICS countries to defeat the pandemic.

How has it been a platform to raise voice?

  • India raised the issue of ‘credibility and effectiveness’ of the institutions that were necessary for global governance. 

  • As per it’s assessment that the United Nations Security Council requires reforms urgently, India expects support on UNSC reforms from BRICS partners. 

  • Apart from the U.N., there are several international institutions that are not working according to the contemporary reality.

  • India, which will begin a two-year stint as a non-permanent member at the Security Council next year, has been at the forefront of seeking expansion of permanent membership of the Council.

  • It has also been raising the issue of making organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) more effective, especially in the pandemic-hit world.

  • Two of the UNSC members-Russia and China are members of BRICS too and raising concerns in such platform can help India to reach its voice all across the world. 


The grouping’s adoption of new counter-terrorism strategy is a move in the right direction. It has gotten China to commit to fight terrorism which is good because we can take up it with China at a later stage. BRICS has evolved over the years and has tremendous maturity and bilateral issues between members nation has not come in the way of the larger goods.  BRICS is also useful plurilateral grouping as far as India is concerned which we can use for our own good and good for the world.