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The Editorial covers GS paper 3 [Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life Achievements of Indians in science & technology; indigenization of technology and developing new technology.]

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020: India, Australia, Switzerland to work closely  for tech innovation | Deccan Herald


  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it is time for tech solutions that are designed in India but deployed for the world, and the country is uniquely positioned to leap ahead in the information era. 

  • Addressing the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 (BTS2020) virtually, PM Modi said, India is at a sweet spot and it is time for tech solutions that are designed in India, but deployed for the world. 

What is the Background?

  • Stating that the government’s policy decisions are always aimed at liberalising the tech and innovations industry, PM Modi said, recently the compliance burden on the IT industry has been eased in various ways, besides trying to engage with stakeholders in the tech industry and chart out future policy framework for India. 

  • The Prime Minister also noted that today Digital India has become a way of life particularly for the poor, marginalised and for those in government.

What are the highlights of the summit?

  • Bengaluru Tech Summit is one of the biggest biotech shows in India.

  • It offers the opportunity to meet representatives from biotech, pharma and allied industries, research institutes and all the major biotech states.

  • The conference will attract the participation of global experts to enable knowledge sharing and enhance networking opportunities.

  • An exciting and exclusive event, the Bio Awards will recognise the contribution of biotech companies and individuals.

  • The summit will deliberate on the key challenges emerging in the post-pandemic world with focus on the impact of prominent technologies.

  • The focus will be on innovations in the domains of ‘Information Technology & Electronics’ and ‘Biotechnology’. 

Who are the organizers?

The summit is organised by:

  • The Government of Karnataka along with Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS)

  • Karnataka government’s Vision Group on Information Technology

  •  Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)

  • MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications.

Who are the participants?

  • Leaders, industry captains, technocrats, researchers, innovators, investors, policy makers and educators from India and the world will also be participating in the summit.

  • Over 250 Speakers from across the continents will mesmerize all the participants with their break-through ideas. 

  • It will be presented in 4 Parallel Conference Tracks on IT, BT, GIA and Start-Up. 

  • It is the place to network with over 5000 attendees consisting ; IT & Biotech industry, Policy Makers and Investors.


  • The Information Technology Revolution in Karnataka began with the establishment of the Multinational Company viz., Texas Instruments in 1984.

  • Information Technology activity in Karnataka is largely concentrated in Bengaluru.

  • In recent years, other parts of Karnataka have also seen a growth in IT-related activities.

  • The developing cities of Mangaluru, Mysuru, Belagavi and Hubballi – Dharwad are also emerging as attractive destinations.
    The Department has created K-Tech Innovation Hubs across the State, including the Centres of Excellence.